Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, June 28th-Tour (A Long Ride, Potty Breaks, and an Asterik)

This was our travel day to get home from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Alton, Illinois. Bleh! After the harried ride up, we were NOT looking forward to making the trip home. After the breakfast of champions: Dunkin Donuts and milk, we packed up for the last time and started home. We made a few unexpected and profoundly urgent potty breaks (for Patrick). Then we met Gwen in Bloomington for lunch. She was heading to Chicago for a conference. The Merry Band of Hooligans wrapped up tour and arrived home early this evening. The kids had dinner and went to bed. I think we seriously tested their limits with all that we did. They were really great tolerating all the activities and new environments we threw their way. I'm very proud of our family on this trip.
Thanks to everyone to kept us in your thoughts as we traveled. A special shout out to Gwen for feeding Libby and Moo daily and collecting mail and to Andy for mowing the yard and playing with my furry kids on Ladd Street each day. We appreciate you both holding down the fort.

Finally, I must put an asterik at the end of this trip...*we intentionally ate like kings because we're starting a diet tomorrow (Monday). I'm not kidding here, we planned it this way. This sort of caloric consumption is highly dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals... like us.

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