Monday, June 8, 2009

A Letter to Patrick: Your Third Birthday


I want to tell you about your 3rd birthday. We had your party at my mom's house this past Saturday. There were so many people that love you. The following people were there: mommy, daddy, maw maw, papa, nana, papa, grandma Colleen, grandpa Fordie, Gigi, Bunny, Keith, aunt Emmie, Steve, Andy, Katie, Becky, Pete, Amy, Jon, Aunt Susie, Megan, and Jackson...oh and Evie! We decorated with lots of balloons and Wonder Pets.

We had lots of good food: hot dogs and chicken breasts, cheesy potatoes with corn flakes, pasta salad, and a Wonder Pets cake that nana made. You got a LOT of gifts...too many to mention here. When we sang "Happy Birthday," you were so stood there and listened and smiled, even though you'd been singing it for weeks leading up to this day. After dinner, cake and homemade ice cream that maw maw made, you went outside and played in your bounce house. Later we went outside and Katie took pictures of the 4 of us.

You played and celebrated until you were just plain pooped. At the end of the night, Amy, Jon, daddy, you and I went out in the field and watched the lightening bugs come out. It was magical and so are you. I've loved all three years of you.




  1. I love cheesy potatoes.

    Katie :)

  2. SUCH a great day! We love you P! Auntie Emmy and Uncle Steve

  3. I can't believe you have a three year old! A friend of mine from college has a six year old though... and a four year and a two year old. She got married three months before I did. You got married a month or two after me if I recall.

    Your family is beautiful.

  4. What a blast we had that day!!! I hope you enjoy your bounce house as much as we enjoyed watching you in it Patrick!