Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, June 21st - Tour (The Best Laid Plans...)

We planned on leaving around 6:30pm as soon as Sam got home from work, but of course, these plans were not to be. He got stuck on a few reports at work and we didn't get to leave until about 8:45pm. We stopped at McDonald's and Arby's on the way through Bethalto to grab some dinner. We were sure that leaving so late, the kids would fall asleep. Nope. Eva is teething, so she was cranky and growled most of the way up. Patrick was wired and so excited to FINALLY be going to "Tago" (Chicago) that he jabbered all the way up. He did slow down for a bit to watch Aladdin on the portable DVD player. I swear he didn't blink for an hour!
After a run in with a crazy lady at a rest stop and one gas fill up later, we made it to Jaime and Rob's house in Oswego around 1:30am. We brought in the essentials and crashed. Holy Moley.

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