Friday, June 26, 2009

Tuesday, June 23rd-Tour (Goodbye's and a Bunny)

So about 6 things happend today that I wanted to be sure to remember so that I could share them with Hooligans' fans. I have finally arrived at the end of this day and now that I'm sitting down to record these precious memories, they're gone. Let me scour my brain...

This morning Patrick slept in a little later than the rest of us. Around 8a I went in to do a gently wake him up. He really wasn't interested in getting up. I went and recruited Sophia for help. We went up and I laid down next to him. He opened his eyes and closed them. He opened them again and saw Sophia. He popped up, climbed over dear old mom, and lept at Sophia, wrapping his arms around her and they tumbled to the ground in a great big hug. I think I'm heartbroken.
After a few hours of chillin we packed up all our things and went to the mall in Aurora. We met Sophia and Jaime there and took the kids down to the food court. After lunch, they rode the carousel. We did some shopping and let the kids check out the fountain and some other fun stuff there. Finally, after a last minute, super-urgent stop at the Macy's restrooms, Patrick and Sophia had to say goodbye. They were both really sad to part.

From here we drove in the city. Leaving Aurora at 3p wasn't a great idea. By the time we made it near downtown, it was all out rush hour. We were headed to Sam's Uncle George's condo at Michigan and Illinois. Needless to say our marriage was tested in this endeavor. Luckily the kids were sleeping in the back in the car, so they didn't hear mommy and daddy saying bad words!
This night, George made dinner for us (very yummy) and then Pam and George took us on a walk to Millenium Park where we saw some great stuff-the fountains with faces, the bean, the bandstand, and a bunny rabbit (the highlight for Patrick). P was not so keen on getting in the fountain with everyone else because he was afraid of getting his shorts wet. In the end, we enticed him out, but then wanted to take off his shorts. So he rode around in his undies in the stoller for a while afterwards. Eva did venture to dip her toes in with Aunt Pam.

After hearing fire trucks earlier in the evening, Patrick was dead set on seeing a darn fire truck. Pam and George routed us on the way home to go by a fire station. We went to a Chicago Fire Department Station and they let P get in a fire truck and turned on the lights for him. They were very hospitable. Great ending to a great day.

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  1. I'm missing my kids (all 4 of you).
    Enjoy yourselves!
    Looksa like touring agrees with all of you!