Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wednesday, June 24th-Tour (Bus Driving and Deep Dish Pizza)

Today would be our first day as "tourists." We slept in a little and then George pointed us toward Navy Pier. We walked down and it was HOT by mid-morning. We decided to forego outdoor sightseeing and jumped right in at the Chicago Children's Museum. The kids both loved this place. Patrick got to play in the water with a raincoat, call 911, drive a bus, go grocery shopping and put mail in a mailbox. They had many exhibits for "non-walkers" (read: babies). Eva got to get out of the stroller and explore too!
After all this fun, we left the museum and went to a pirate show. Eva and Patrick both really enjoyed this. Eva was really digging the bright colors and music. She danced on our laps the whole show. We had McDonald's for lunch and then headed back to the condo. We didn't quite beat the rain, but it was a relief from the heat. The kids slept for 3 hours at naptime this afternoon.

After the kids finally woke up, we went to Gino's East for some authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Sam was hesitant at first as he's not a fan of thick crust. Once we got the pizza, we were both in pizza heaven. YUMMMMM. We finished with pizza and headed back down to Navy Pier with Pam and George. Sam and the kids and I went up in the giant ferris wheel. It was scary for me because Patrick had no fear and kept leaning on the door and sticking his head through the bars. I tired to hold on to his shirt tail, but he wasn't having it. Sam kept Eva tucked safely in the baby carrier, but she loved looking at the lights and hearing the sounds from up there. We went back to Pam and George down on the boardwalk area and enjoyed some fireworks. At this point, it was about 10:15pm and the kids had been run ragged this day. It was a challenge to get them the 5 blocks home in the city traffic and crowds. We made it back and went up to the roof of their building to see the city at night time. It was beautiful. Patrick was exhausted, so he curled up on his blankie on the rooftop. This day: priceless.

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