Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Viva La Block!" -Anna Z. and One Silly Daddy

Alright, so I've got to write a post on last night.  My birthday is coming up, so Katie got us tickets to New Kids on the Block at Riverport (or whatever silliness they call it-Verizon Wireless Ampitheater).  I need to give credit to Anna Z. for the “Viva La Block” phrase…I’m stealing it, but at least I’m giving you credit for it!  We had lawn seats and it was AWESOME!  The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was right.  Mostly mid to late twenty-somethings there to re-live their childhood.  Donnie, Danny, Joe, Jordan, and Jon did not disappoint. They are as good looking as ever as they have grown up/aged right along with us. H-O-T-T. The show sure isn’t aimed at 10-13 year olds anymore either. Whew! Talk about blushing and such. These guys brought it. Well, Donnie got a little weird a few times, but for the most part…we were all transported back to a time before college, jobs, weddings, husbands, kids, houses, responsibility, etc. and felt like silly screaming girls for a few hours. Yay for that.


While I was out…Sam was home in charge of the mini-Hooligans. After a catastrophic visit to Taco Bell, he ventured to the grocery store alone with the two of them. He was out to buy baby food as we were out of it. He came home a few gray hairs heavier, a few bags of groceries, but alas, no baby food. He kind of got distracted while there and just forgot the darn stuff! Anyway, he got home and got Eva to bed. Then he put Patrick in the bathtub. He gave him some toys to play with and the plastic cup we use to rinse his hair. Then he decided he should re-load the operating system on his computer. He was only downstairs for “2 minutes” and noticed it was raining…in the basement. Can you guess why? Yep, Patrick had used his little plastic cup to diligently empty the contents of the bathtub onto the bathroom floor, subsequently leaking into the basement. What can I say folks?


  1. I stole the phrase from some random sign at the concert. We thought it was funny and Julie and I continued to shout it the rest of the evening. Woohoo NKOTB!

  2. PS-Wasn't it weird that they almost never showed Jon up on the screen?! We got excited every time he showed up.