Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aaargh at Applebee's

I so wish I had a photo of this event to share with you, but alas, we were laughing too hard to think to photograph the moment.
My mom, Sam, Patrick, Eva and I were at Applebee's for lunch yesterday. We were in the big corner booth. It was toward the end of the meal and Patrick was getting anxious...and loud. Mom was going to take him on some errands with her, so she asked for the "backup undies" that we keep in Eva's diaper bag. Well as I passed them over, Patrick got a hold of them. We let him have them and continued our conversation.
A few minutes later, Patrick got our attention. We looked up to see him standing in the booth with the underwear on his head. He put is foot on the table and yelled, "I'm da Pirate!" OMG.

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