Sunday, August 2, 2009

Never a dull moment...our very own baby Jessica

So Friday night, most people do fun stuff like go out dinner, see a movie, go to a concert. Not us, Sam was coming home late from work and I was headed out the door to an appointment with clients. I had dinner in the oven and we were going to try to cross paths for a quick meal with the kids at home. It just wasn't meant to be.

I had been gone all day, and I had just gotten home with the kids. Eva was getting anxious, so I took her outside to swing in the backyard. While out there, Moo kept going under the deck and I kept yelling at him to get out. I thought I was hearing a high pitched sound but thought maybe it was the swing sqeaking. Then I realized that I hadn't seen Libby since I'd been home. You guessed it folks, Moo was going under the deck to visit the beagle that was stuck.

Sam arrived home a short time later, he changed clothes and started dismantling the deck. Libby had dug her way under to chase rabbits we think, and got herself stuck. In the middle of all this, I've got a multiple offer situation I'm dealing with on the phone, two very hungry, very crabby kids, and I made sure to take photos to share with all the Hooligan's fans out there. Katie came over to help with the kids so that I could negotiate and then get out the door to my appointment.

I was stressing out and was really just wanting to call the fire department to come and rescue my beagle. My police officer husband would have none of that. He didn't even want me to ask the neighbors for help. In the end, Libby was saved and was just fine. In fact, she ran out and immediately tried to get back under the deck to find those pesky rabbits.

For your viewing pleasure...

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