Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Evolution of a Nickname

So we named our daughter Eva Grace. You might wonder why I state such an obvious fact...The thing is, I almost never call her that. It started like this:
1. Eva
2. Eve
3. Evie
4. E.V.
5. E.V. McGhee
6. McGhee
7. Evita
8. Evita McGheeta
9. McGheeta

I inherited this habit from my father. He calls everything and everyone anything but their given name. A sampling: Tootie, L.G., Hurricane, etc. There are no exceptions from husband, my son, one is safe. Patricio, Furry Brown Dog, Hank Mooman; I could go on.
I just thought I would share my odd indulgence with you all.

Coming soon: Patrick-A Translation.


  1. She means that! NO ONE IS SAFE!

  2. I do the same thing, Kate. I love to rename people. I even do it to my students. Sometimes they like it sometimes they don't, but I call them whatever I want. My parents' dog has been just about anything but Chloe. Think Cloviticus, Clover Leaf, and my dad's personal favorite that he calls her-Moesha. Don't ask.