Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Patrick Funnies and More

Argh...I've gotten so far behind in blogging. So I can't tell you what we've been up to because I literally can't really remember right now. But as promised, following are a few gems from dear Patrick:

nice ta eat ya=nice to see you

Again, my mind is blank...I have about a hundred more, but can't remember them right now. I promise to start writing them down.

Patrick has been growing up so much lately! He is starting to act like a little boy. He runs around outside at my mom's house all by himself. He'll take off with Dolly (their dog) and be halfway across the property without thinking to look back at the house. He likes sticks and yelling and stuff. My baby is not a baby anymore... Patrick is also starting to help take care of Eva more too. He is finding pacifiers for her or singing to her. He is also including her in his night time hug list too. It's up to: Mom, Dad, Moo, Libby, and now sometimes Eva, also any visitors we might have at the time.

Eva is still TINY (11 lbs, 13oz), but is developing just fine. She is rolling all over the place and sitting up pretty well. She is loving her toys and just started biter biscuits and juice (cut with lots of water of course) this week. She is also starting fruits too. I (with my mom's help) am making all of her baby food thus far: carrots, squash, peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes. She has been a bit needy lately (as in somebody stand and hold me OR ELSE!), but we're getting by.

Sam has been busy with treasurer stuff with the PBPA (police union) and working A LOT. I'm working on the Women of Distinction Luncheon (co-chair) for the YWCA of Alton-May 28th at LCCC. This was a bigger job than I thought! I'm also helping Emily with the Policeman's Ball-May 16th at Holiday Inn. May is a SUPER busy month and I'm scared! Oh yeah, work is picking up too...YAY!

Alright, enough with the caps lock key. I'm sorry for abusing it in this post, but hey, I did end up remembering a little bit of our lives to write about!

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