Friday, April 24, 2009

The Storys of One Tough Balloon and an Electric Cart

So, I have to share a couple of cute things that happend today. Patrick had a carnival at school and came home with a balloon animal. A red dog. Well, before we even got out of the parking lot, it was undoggified. He had taken it apart. He took it to my mom's and Henry got a hold of it. We safely got it way from him and Patrick took it upstairs to the loft. Upon trying to leave at the end of the evening, Patrick suddenly remembered the balloon and I had to go back in the house and fetch it from the loft. Almost home...on Milton, Patrick lost the balloon out the window. We stopped at the house and picked up Sam. We went back and hunted down the darn balloon. He was so happy. We got home about one minute later. As Sam was getting Patrick out of the car, he took the balloon from Patrick and tried to recreate the animal part of the balloon animal. And can you guess what happens from here? POP goes the red balloon. I couldn't freakin believe it. The screams. Sam ended up tying it off and resurecting the balloon once again. Crisis resolved.

Second story: Sam responded to a call at St. Anthony's Hospital for a man that left the hospital on his electric cart and had a siezure at 20th and MLK. So Sam, the caring guy that he his, rode the guy's cart back up to the hospital rather than impounding and towing the cart. I know he just wanted the story...but anyway, just think about a uniformed police officer riding an electric cart down the road...tee hee.

That's all I've got folks.


  1. It wasn't a cart... it was a motorized wheelchair and the poor guy's ONLY mode of transportation. I couldn't NOT make sure that the guy had that with his property when he got released again from the hospital!

  2. Oh, Sam, that's above and beyond. Well done, sir.

  3. It wasn't above and beyond. It was just fun for him. I can absolutely picture it...cheesy grin the whole way up the hill. You truly are one of a kind my dear brother.