Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas/Winter 2010

This year, Christmas was busy, but really great, as usual.  You'll see lots of great photos at the link below.  Amy brought over supplies for decorating gingerbread houses.  LOTS of fun for Patrick and Eva, and pretty theraputic for me.  Amy showed me how to chill out and let the kids make a big fat mess and eat lots of icing and candy.  As you'll see in the photos, both kids made beautiful gingerbread houses and were very proud.  As you'll see in the photos, Amy had a good time too!  Thanks Amy!

A week before Christmas, we made a trip to Columbia, MO to celebrate Christmas with the Hatfield side of Sam's family.  Papa Bob and some of his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids were there.  The house was chock full of babies and little kids.  Three babies and four little kids to be exact.  Well, and then all of us adult sized kids.  The kids were great and we had a good time seeing everyone and meeting the new additions to the family. 

Christmas Eve was at Grandma and Grandpa Green's house.  It pretty much the only time of year that the ENTIRE Green family gets together anymore, so it's always a special night.  It's definitely evolved since I was a kid, but G & G never disappoint.  When we got home, we set out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  Also, and most importantly, we put the Santa Key on the front door.  This was a new addition in our ritual this year.  Thanks to Diane Murbarger (Katie's mom) for helping us out with that.  This key was  a big hit for my son who wasn't satisfied with my explanations at just how Santa Claus gained access to Patrick's house.
Christmas morning at our house was great.  Patrick got the much anticipated Buzz Lightyear from Santa and Eva got an adorable neon, multi-color tutu.  Patrick was very specific with Santa about exactly which Buzz Lightyear he wanted, and Santa did not disappoint.  Eva's tutu represents her personality perfectly, girly, but with an attitude.  Our parents, and then extended family, came over to see what Santa brought and to share in the traditional Christmas breakfast casserole, made by my mom.  Gwen brought monkey bread this year...yummmm. 
Later in the evening on Christmas, we celebrated at Tom and Gwen's with another very tasty meal and exchanging gifts with Sam's extended family.  Even the doggies, while none were actually present, got in on the gift exchanging action on this night.  After gifts were opened, the Patrick and Eva played Zingo (little kid Bingo) with Aunt Emily, Uncle Steve and Sam.

On Sunday, the 26th, we had a lazy morning at home with the kids and some of their new toys.  After naptime, we went up to mom and dad's to finally have Christmas with them.  My brother Andrew and Grandma Huber were there too.  We couldn't wait any longer, so we opened gifts first and then had a great meal.  Mom got lots of new cookware to continue supplying her family with really awesome dishes.  :)  The kids played some more Zingo and Patrick taught Grandma Huber how to play his new video game (LeapFrog Explorer). 
(yes, that's a pouch of organic peanut butter she's so excited about!)

There are a TON of photos, but for you grandmother of the Hooligans, and maybe aunties, uncles and close friends, you'll enjoy them.  We had a full schedule again this year, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am eternally grateful to have so much family with which to spend the holidays.  I love them so much.  If you're one of them, thanks for making this Christmas so wonderful for Patrick and Eva.  They are two very lucky little turkeys!

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