Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Winter Fun 2011

Since Christmas, we've been having LOTS of fun.  I thought I'd catch all the Hooligans' fans up on our recent adventures.
We had a snow day last week.  The kids maxed out our house in regards to where and how they played.  Every room, every toy, every game.  They wanted to play in their playroom in the basement that Sam and I created this past summer.  However, it is VERY cold downstairs.  We put a big space heater to help, but I bundled up the kids as best I could to keep them warm.  Here are some pics of their "creative dressing."

Last Sunday, the kids got dressed up and we went to visit Gigi (Sam's Grandma) and take her out to lunch with Nana (Sam's mom), Emily and Steve.  Fun day, cute pics.

We took the kids for their first ice skating experience this past Friday.  It started out a little rocky, but by the end, Patrick had improved significantly and left wanting more.  Eva was very brave and enjoyed the experience.  She's still a little bit small, but we'll keep her going so she stays comfortable with the idea until she's big and strong enough to start skating.  For Patrick, the key seemed to be to make sure he knew it was ok to fall.  He was so tense in the beginning, so after a while, I gave him  a push to skate toward Steve, full well knowing he would probably fall.  After the first couple of falls, he was less afraid and that seemed to be the tipping point.  From there, he was flying all over the ice.  Now if only I could take my own advice.  I'm a decent skater, but have never learned to stop on the ice. 

This past Monday was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday.  On that morning, I explained to Patrick who this man was and what he did for our country, as I knew they would be discussing it at pre-school that day.  He seemed to absorb some of it.  Later that night, at dinner, Patrick announced to the table that "today is King Arthur's Birthday."  It took us a few seconds to figure out what he meant.  Hilarious!  We got him all straightend out.

Finally, there are photos of us making brownies.  The kids got aprons for Christmas and this was their maiden voyage.  As you can see, Patrick and Eva had lots of fun. 

Sam and I are having fun watching these two little turkeys grow up.  While we may seem or sound exhausted and or exasperated sometimes, we wouldn't have it any other way.  These are the two coolest people we know.  They play well together (most of the time) and are little sponges absorbing the world.

Link to Photos of Winter Fun

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