Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some of Evie's Favorite Things

This shelf holds tea cups that Eva and I have recieved from my mom. The first came at my baby shower and the next on the day she was born. We get them on special holidays now: Christmas, birthdays, etc. Anyway, it's a special thing between the three of us. I've taken pictures of each tea cup individually and put them in an album with a photo of me and Eva from that day/time period. This way, if in her childhood, one or more gets broken, I won't get too upset. And it will serve as a nice keepsake for whichever of us doesn't keep the collection.

This bookshelf holds lots of goodies like her piggy bank, a baby photo, the aforementioned album, some sweet book ends, a pretty lamp, Evie's treasure box, and some great books. I love this bookshelf; except when it's time to dust.

The above shoes are precious. My baby daughter officially has more shoes than her momma. That's ok with me. I'm not a shoe girl. Eva, on the other hand, is way into accessories. Hats, shoes, even bibs. She'll put on multiple hats or all her bibs at once. It's funny, Eva is a girly girl and a tom girl all at the same time. Very versatile she is! :)

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  1. She's just like her auntie! I can't wait to keep her on that track as she grows up! LOVE this post - thanks!!!