Monday, January 18, 2010

Catching Up

Alright, life has gotten so crazy, I've TOTALLY slacked on blogging and posting pics of the Hooligans. I've posted an album of our fun day sledding at my mom's house. Also, there's a great album of some SUPER cuties from January.

We've all been well. Real estate work is picking up since the holidays are over and the tax credit advantages are in full swing. Sam's keeping busy with work at the police department and the union. He's also been working at the furniture store on the books. Patrick and Eva have been exploring their independence, each in their own way. Fun times for us. Eva had her first pig tails today...OMG, she was SO cute! I'll try to take pics next time she lets us do it. She will not let me put them in, her teacher at day care apparently has the magic touch.

We're enjoying the kids and continuing our journey to be healthier.

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