Monday, March 15, 2010

Not to brag, but...

Ok people, seriously, my children are geniuses. 

My daughter is all of 17.5 months old.  Lately she's been showing interest in the potty.  She kept walking into the bathroom with us and lifting up the shirt as she walks up to the toilet.  So we brought up the little potty.  Now, she runs to the bathroom yelling while pulling up her shirt.  The other night, by the time I got her shoes, pants and diaper off, she peed on the floor.  However, hold on  to your hats folks...while sitting on the potty for a while...SHE PEED ON THE POTTY!  Unfortunately, she is too small for pull ups, so the diaper thing is going to conintue to be an obstacle.  By the time we can get it off, it's too late.  Either way, she's a genius.  I chalk this early development up to a few things: she's female, she's a second child, and all that breastmilk (I know TMI).  We're so proud of her!

Now, on to Patrick.  He said "remarkable" the other day.  Remarkable!  He's three and says the most amazing things.  And he remembers EVERYTHING!  He's learning some Spanish too.  Hola, adios, leche, queso, gracias, (pronounced glacias), de nada, etc.  He asked me the other day, "How much till I grow up mommy?  If I eat a lot of food, I'll grow up?"  He also told me a while back that he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.  He asked if that would be ok.  I told him he could be anything he wanted.  He said, "ok, I'll be a police officer or a circus clown."  I kid you not people.

My children are magical.  Thanks for indulging me a few details of their lives.  I hope I can save this blog in written form someday so that I might have some recollection of their childhood.  My memory is terrible.

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