Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hooligans in 2009

I won't dare to call what follows "resolutions;" it seems as if that word is least as far as I'm concerned. Instead, a vague plan of what we hope to accomplish this year.

Eva: growing, staying healthy, continuing to sleep through the night, continuing to be a beautiful, sweet baby girl.

Patrick: potty training (already in progress!), continuing to learn colors, shapes, numbers, trying not to grow up too fast and break his mommy's heart.

Sam: I have consulted him on this; in other words, these are his plans/goals, not my plans for him! MAINTAIN; he's very happy with where things are right now. Be a good role model for his kids. To do a good job at his new position of Treasurer with the PBPA. Play less WoW...ok, I snuck that one in there!

Kate: continuing to learn how to be a good mom, finally getting serious about my job, finally getting serious about my health (and my family's), getting my dogs on walks more often, fixing my hair more often (if you spend any time around me, you'll know that while trivial, this is a much needed goal), take a little time for myself once in a while, recognize that I can't do everything, try to be on time, or at least less late for meetings and such.

We got Christmas put away on New Year's Day. Contrary to the promise I made in a previous post to do so while Patrick was at school, we did it with him at home and awake. He was a big help...ok, so not really. He took LOTS of ornaments off the tree; he even broke a few. No worries, we needed to pare down anyway. At any rate, our house is back to a normal level of chaos.

So the holidays are offically over and we're happy for life to be settling back into a routine. Best wishes to you all on a happy and successful 2009!

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