Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well it's too darn cold to do anything!...even typing is risky. Who knows? My fingers could break off at any moment. I came up to my mom's house this morning because our internet is not working at the house. The lake is frozen over and is very pretty. Me, Dad and Andy walked out on the lake. I was too chicken to get more than "knee deep." There are neat crystals on the top of the ice...

My friend Katie has been out of the country in Guatemala since January 7th. She's on a mission trip with some WIU folks. Anyway, I'm ready for her to get home. And I'll admit I'm a bit jealous she's in shorts and T-shirts while we're freezing our butts off! So Katie, if you're reading this, COME HOME! Surely you're looking forward to these lovely sub-zero wind chills?!

We're keeping busy in this post-Christmas time. Sam has taken over as the treasurer for the PBPA, the local police union chapter. He and I are also both on the committee for the Policeman's Ball. Emily is the chair of the committee and it's going to be a rockin' event this year. For those of you that are interested. It will be May 16th at the Holiday Inn in Alton. I promise a fun night with lots of great silent auction items.

I am the vice-president of the YWCA Board of is so much quieter since my term as president ended. My inbox is definitely, happily emptier and my cell phone is using way less minutes! I am also co-chairing the Women of Distinction and Men of Distinction Luncheons (May 28th and August 6th respectively) for the YWCA Board of Directors.

Sam is enjoying shooting at the Alton Pistol and Rifle Club downtown. He is in a .22 league and shoots on Wednesday nights when he isn't working. As for my free time, well potty training Patrick and nursing Eva is pretty much what I do these days. While at times I feel bogged down by motherhood, I'm trying very hard to enjoy it all. Someday I'll look back and miss it.

Well, we're keeping busy and enjoying life. This band leader must sign off for now...

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