Saturday, December 13, 2008

This just in...Hooligan's Enter the Blogosphere

Well here we are! Sam, Patrick, Eva and I are here in the blogosphere. I was going to wait until after the holidays, but I figured there is no time like the present. And why not add one more thing to my "to-do" list every few days?

As the holidays approach, the chaos level in our lives, like everyone's, has increased exponentially. We have lots of family birthdays in December, most importantly, Sam's. He is the big 3-0 this year! To celebrate, Shawn, his BFF, flew up from Dallas Thursday night to surprise him. They've been goofing around the last few days and tonight we're ALL going out to celebrate Sam's venture into undeniable adulthood. I can honestly say that 30 has never seemed so young.

After a very busy and yummy Thanksgiving, we trekked up to Chicago to celebrate Papa Bob's 80th birthday and Christmas with the Hatfield clan. The kids were fantastic in the car and we had a truly wonderful time.

With all this celebrating, we are still getting used to life with 2 children. It makes life with one seem easy. Anyway, Patrick is adjusting well. He still has moments where he will do just about anything to get attention. He really loves Eva-almost to a fault. He really likes to hug and kiss her. And if she's crying, he's first in line to lovingly shove a pacifier in her mouth. He refers to this tool as a "Reba-cier." You see, he calls her Reba, Beba, and sometimes Reva, but never, ever Eva. Speaking of Eva, she is doing quite well. She and I spend lots of time together these days as she is a nursing super-star. She isn't in daycare yet...not until the housing market improves!

Sam and I are taking turns working and taking care of the "hooligans." Thank goodness for Tivo; who has time to watch a show when it's scheduled? Libby and Moo are continuing to rule the roost and defend the homestead.

That's it for now...Kate (the Band Leader)


  1. I LOVE that you joined the blogosphere! It really is addictive. It's even now my homepage so I don't neglect it. Can't wait for your many updates. Love you guys!