Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Christmas and Yummy New Year's Eve

So I won't say this is all due to global warming, but it's December 27th and 64 degrees outside...did I mention the thunderstorm producing a torrential downpour? Anyway, it's just wierd to hear thunder when you're Christmas tree is still up!

Speaking of Christmas, we've had a lovely one. Lots of family get togethers and yummy food. We got and gave some great gifts: on the receiving end Patrick got scissors (yes, I'm serious-see photo at right), a doctor kit, Hulk fists, Cookie Monster slippers, a stationary bicycle that coordinates with a game on the tv, and about a box truck more of fun stuff. Sam got handcuffs, a gun cleaning kit, and underwear. I got markers, underwear, and some really cool books. Slippers too! I would say the prize for most out of the ordinary gift given was the "poop claw" from Petco that we gave my dad. They seem so ridiculous, but they are seriously awesome.

My BFF Nora is in town for the week: WOOT! I am looking forward to spending some quality time with her soon. Also coming soon is my mom's New Year's Eve Party. It's the yummiest place to be on December 31. If you're not already coming, call me and I'll see if I can get your name on the list!

Emily wrote a year in review post today, so I think I'll follow suit in the next few days...
I hope you all are enjoying this magical holiday time from Christmas to New Year's Day as much as we are!

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