Monday, December 15, 2008

That for Which I'm Thankful - 2008

I wrote this for Thanksgiving, but I thought it would be nice to share here. -Kate

p.s. The awkwardness of my title is an homage to not ending a sentence with a prepositional phrase.

My Family…
Baby Eva Grace
Patrick Joseph-who knew 2 could be so cute and challenging at the same time?
My main squeeze and daddy of the year-Sam
My mom-I couldn't do all this without you
Gwen-she loves my kids to the moon and back
Libby & Moo-I heart you guys!

Making the list again this year…epidurals
My new car-so great with the kids
Heated seats and remote start
The flexibility of my job
Spending time soaking in Patrick and Eva's babyness…it goes SO fast
Fall in the Midwest
The opportunity to speak at schools and in court regarding driving while impaired
"Pongi!" the official name of Patrick's tribe
The village that helps me raise my babies
My trip to Mexico with Katie last December-it was a good long weekend before Round 2 in the Pregnancy Ring-Thanks Murbie!
The too infrequent, but always long and savored conversations with Nora…I miss you still!
My new-found love of slippers
That Tom and Gwen allow me to crash their party when Sam is working
That mom and dad have grass this winter!
Em and Steve
That Sam stays close with Shawn…sometimes too close (WoW)
Our good friends…they are few, but we love them
No more carpet in my house!
My dad, Andy and Patrick, down at the lake all summer throwing the toy for Dolly
Spending time with Sam-quiet time when we can actually complete sentences
That Eva nurses well…I know TMI, but I really am thankful for it
Mom's front porch
That I got so lucky to have two healthy babies…they're gorgeous too
Dr. Talsky and his nurses
That Sam went to ALL of my OB appointments with me…a good man he is
That I've gotten to spend so much time hanging out at mom and dad's house…I really enjoy being there
Patrick's seemingly boundless love for all things "at the Farm" (lake, Dolly, geese, deer, the loft, the dirt, the hedge apples, walks, etc, etc, etc)
Daycare-need I say more?
Patrick's bike rides with Tom
That even though the housing market isn't great right now…I had my best year yet.
That Sam got to have 6 weeks off work when Eva was born…it was great to have him there through the hardest parts
Did I mention epidurals?
As always-that my list is so long. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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  1. I read this the first time and loved it then, but isn't this just the greatest?! Love you!