Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012

This past week, Sam, Patrick, Eva, and I went on a wild and crazy Spring Break. 
We went to Chicago (Oswego) first.  We stayed at Jaime and Rob's home there.  The kids had SO much fun playing together: Patrick and Eva, along with Sophia (7) and William (2).   Izzy, the dog, was also tons of fun (I really wanted to steal her!).  On Tuesday, we all went to LegoLand.  The kids had a blast...and the grown up boys had a good time too!  There are some pretty cool builds there (check out the pics).  Then we went to Rain Forest Cafe.  All the kids had a good time exploring the animals and special effects. Eva and William did NOT like the storm effects that happend from time to time.

From there, Sam, Patrick, Eva and I met up with the Hatfield crew for a visit.  We met at Portillo's (shocker-Sam's fav place).  We saw Peggy, Rob, Michael, Teri and baby Lexi!  She is beautiful and growing up so fast. Eva was in love with Rob-they played magic games for at least 30 minutes.  Patrick thought Michael was pretty cool since he let him play with him iPhone and showed him a new app.

We had lots of fun staying up late with Jaime and Rob Z. catching up on everything and discussing the dirty/fun details of current events and politics.  ;)

We packed up on Wednesday morning and headed north to Wisconsin Dells/Great Wolf Lodge.  On the way, we stopped at an A&W for lunch and they had cheese curds!  Only in Wisconsin baby!  Once we arrived, we changed into our swim gear and headed down for a swoosh down the water park slides.  The kids LOVED the ginormous indoor water park there.  It was very little kid centric.  On Thursday, after several hours at the water park, we had lunch and a nap and then went to Knuckleheads Indoor Amusement Park.  We all got wristbands and proceeded to have a great time!  Sam and I, along with the kids, were totally exhausted after much climbing, jumping, sliding, bouncing, flying, riding, eating, bowling, playing, etc.  Friday morning, we squeezed in an few more hours at the water park and hit the road for home.  Eva and Patrick literally had to be dragged out crying from the water park...because you know 10 hours just wasn't enough.

Overall, we had a great time.  It was nice to be able to spend time with the kids that wasn't running errands, doing homework, or other chores.  Just lots of fun!  Check out all 183 of our pics here!

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