Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

ad brWe had a great Easter this year!  The kids looked great!  Patrick wore a green sweater vest with brown argyle over a white polo shirt, with brown, green, yellow and white plaid shorts, by Gymboree.  Eva wore a blue and yellow butterflies and daisies, from The Grapvine.  Ha! 

Anyway, we had brunch with Gwen, Tom, Gigi, Emily and Steve at Mac's.  It was tasty and great to get together with everyone!  Aftewards, the kids hunted for Easter eggs at Nana's house.  Man, if those kids could clean their rooms as fast as they picked up all those eggs...!

The kids and I went up to my mom and dad's for a visit.  Grandma Colleen and PawPaw Fordy were there too.  The kids changed out of their fancy clothes, then played and ran around like crazy people most of the afternoon.  They were exhausted, dirty and happy at the end of the day.

The kids got WAY, WAY too much candy...but are so loved and everyone wanted to give them an Easter basket.  Enjoy the pics of our day!

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