Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zoo Trip, May 2011

So I've got lots of blogging to catch up on, but I've got to start somewhere.  I'm going to start in the present and work backwards until our fans know all the fun stuff we've been up to for the last few months!
Last week, Patrick's pre-school class went to the zoo.  Patrick and I rode the bus over to the zoo with his classmates and teachers.  This brought back lots of "fond" memories for me, but Patrick seemed to enjoy the novelty of it. 

He and I had a few hours there on our own checking out the bears, zebras, lions, tigers, and the American Wild Ass.  I made the mistake of giving Patrick the correct name of this animal...I just couldn't leave it at donkey.  He spent the rest of the day interjecting "ass" into the conversation.  :)

Anyway, my mom and dad brought Eva over and we had a picnic lunch together.  Then we saw the monkeys, gorillas, chimps, rode the carousel and the train, visited with the penguins and puffins, and spent some time looking at the flamingos, ducks, geese, etc.  We had lots of fun.  The weather and the company were great!

See photos of our day here.

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