Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Sweet 5 Year Old - Patrick Joseph

Patrick’s 5th birthday was momentous…I can’t believe that we have a 5 year old.  This was tough mentally because now we’ve got a “big kid,” not a little boy.  How did this happen?!

Anyway, Patrick was very excited about all the fun stuff we had planned.  He first celebrated in Mrs. Cannon’s class with a cookie cake.  He’s really into being a cowboy right now, so for this party, we did a horse.  They loved it!

Patrick celebrated his birthday with his friends at the firehouse in Alton.  They got to tour the firehouse (except they didn’t get to slide down the pole, sorry Katie B.).  The kids thought this was super cool.  We did a piñata.  Patrick went first.  Eva went last.  All the kids got to take a wack.  Fun stuff…except at the end I was left holding a headless dog.  Anyway, then we went back upstairs and opened presents and had cake and juice/milk.    Awesome party.

Finally, we celebrated Patrick’s birthday with our family and close friends.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite things we do.  Having our closest people with us to celebrate my kids is so special.  There is so much love, it makes my heart happy.  We had this party at our house.  Sam got out the bounce house -and all the yard toys.  Patrick, Casey and Eva had lots of fun playing.  All the grownups visited and played too.  We had a nacho bar…yummy!  Sam made a Buzz Lightyear cake that was a ton of work, but looked cool.

Overall, our big boy had a lovely birthday with lots of special people. 

Lots of Birthday Photos Here!

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