Sunday, August 21, 2011

One last kiss...

So tonight I kissed my pre-schooler and tucked him in one last time.  Tomorrow he will wake up a kindergartener.  How this happend, I have no idea.  He was a baby just a few months ago.  He still needs me to kiss his boo boos and needs lots of loving at night.  He was scared tonight, a little nervous.  He said, "but I don't even know how to read yet mommy."  I assured him that the other kids probably didn't know how to read either.  That's what he's there to learn.  I told him it would be a lot like Mrs. Cannon's class. 
We went to his classroom today for the first time.  Met his teacher, played with kids in his class, many of whom he already knew.  He was more comfortable afterwards.  His classroom is beautiful.
I know this is a new phase for Patrick.  I can see that he's apprehensive and a worrier, but once he gets to know people, he has so much fun.  He is smart and well spoken.  He is so sweet and compassionate.I'm so proud of him and know he'll do great. We love him so much.
While being the mom and dad of young children is hard and sometimes exhausting, I know I will miss these sweet, sweet days.  I love those two little turkeys so much.

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