Monday, July 25, 2011

Hooligans go to The Magic House

In April, the Hooligans made their inaugural trip to The Magic House.  Lots of fun!  First, we hit the area of the "house" that was specifically meant for "the wee ones."  Age appropriate, easy to understand, not easy to break activities there.  You'll see photos of some of us standing in an authentic Blues hockey goal, Sam playing a shape game with rubberbands, the kids having loads of fun, and the water play table.

Then we visited Bob the Builder, and his cat.  Apparently we aren't avid fans of Mr. the Builder, because I didn't know he had a cat.  Anyway, the kids built and destroyed many things in this room.  Eva "drove" a bull-dozer; how appropriate, right?  They had their photo taken with Mr. the Builder and Eva was riding on the cat.  Niiiice.

We made it up to the rooftop "garden" where Patrick plucked lots of veggies and made stew for us.  Then Sam and Patrick disappeared behind a wall in the mystery area.  I'm not kidding here.  I couldn't figure out how to get the darn wall to open so I could get back there!  Eva and I were laggards because we had to make a bathroom stop.  The Magic House really made her comfortable and if I remember correctly, she pooped (in her pull-ups) 3 times.  Oh what fun!  Sorry if that's TMI, but I know the ins and outs of every bathroom at that place now!

Then we visited the governemnt section.  They had an oval office, a Senate room, and a court room.  Although my kiddos were a bit too young to appreciate much of this, Sam and I thought it was very cool.  My children both got their photos taken behind the presidential podium.  When they become POTUS, I'll get one of those two part frames and label it "at 5 years old" and "at 45 years old."  It will be a crowning jewel at my house (you know, the White House where I'm living taking care of my grandchildren).

Finally, we found the ball that makes your hair stand on end.  It was in an old closet!  Sam and I clearly remember this from our own childhood as the pinnacle attraction at The Magic House and here it was shoved in a back room. I thought that was mighty disrespectful.  Until I found out that it hasn't moved since it was placed originally.  I guess we were wee people back then and the whole experience was large, so the room was remembered that way too. 

We were exhausted by this point, and hungry too.  We found a nice patch of grass in the "backyard" of the House and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Beautiful spring day.  We created some great memories and got some great photos to hold onto for future reference.  :)
Photos of our Day

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