Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eva's Big Girl Bed

Sissy has been doing LOTS of growing up in the last few months.  She has moved from her crib to a big girl bed.  She inherited the mahogany bedroom suite I used as a girl.  It belonged to my great-grandmother.  It's beautiful, although it shows a little wear.  Eva adjusted beautifully with no troubles.  She loved it right away.  Below are a few photos of her first night.  Eva is adorable, as per usual.

Proud Eva Girl

Patrick joined her for a minute to make sure her new digs were comfy. :)

Poor Libby got the royal treatment from Eva...doesn't loook like she minded too much though!

She is also wearing big girl panties these days, but I won't share photos of that.  She is very proud of being a big girl and we're equally proud of our little turkey.

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