Monday, February 28, 2011

Hooligans Turn Texan

A few weeks ago, all four of us went to Dallas to visit with Sam's friend Shawn, and his family (wife Sherry and 3 year old daughter Kiera).  We had lots of fun!  We spent a few days at Great Wolf Lodge (a kid-centric resort with an indoor water park and other fun kid stuff).  The kids also got to ride the pony at Shawn and Sherry's house. 
Eva and Patrick were great on both flights.  Patrick called the runway the "run road."  They each had their own suitcase to carry on.  Eva was so cute walking through the airport with the suitcase following behind in one had and the other hand on her hip.
Below is a link with LOTS of photos of our trip.
Click Here for photos of our trip!

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