Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kansas City, KS 2010 - Great Wolf Lodge

Ok, so the Hooligans have TOTALLY neglected the blog this summer.  Let's chalk it up to the following: 1.  Summer happens to be a busy season for real estate and municipal policing.  and 2.  We've just been having lots of fun!
I'm going to make an effort to catch everyone up on our summer thus far.  Below is a link of our trip to Kansas City.  Sam and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City, KS.  It has a great indoor/outdoor water park.  It's a kid centric resort and we all had a blast.  We stopped in Columbia, MO and spent a night with Aunt Susie and their family on the way there.  My fav pics though are at the Olive'll know when you get to them.  :)

Click Here to see the photos of our trip.  I promise they're fun!

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